Abergele Dental Surgery

We deliver routine dental and restorative treatments and take enormous pride in the care we offer our patients.

Treatments Treatments

Our patients may choose between Denplan—to help budget for your dental care—and pay-as-you-go payment options. Our pay-as-you-go price list is available on request.


We'll examine your gums for disease and teeth for cracks, decay, or excessive wear.


Well-fitting dentures will help you to eat and speak better and can improve your appearance.

Emergency treatment

If you have toothache, we'll help relieve your pain and get your mouth healthy again.

Oral hygiene

We will professionally clean and polish your teeth and keep them free from plaque.

Periodontal care

We provide treatments for gum disease.

Preventive dentistry

Helping you maintain a healthy mouth and keep teeth for life.

Restorative dentistry

We provide composite fillings, root canal treatments, bridges, and crowns.

Teeth whitening

We supply professional-level home teeth whitening treatments.

We collaborate with specialists for difficult cases including tricky root canal treatments, difficult gum disease, and implants.

Denplan Denplan

Denplan is the UK’s leading dental payment plan. It was designed to spread the cost of treatments, to make looking after your dental health easy and affordable. Denplan’s supported by more than 6,600 dentists nationwide and helps care for around 1.4 million patients. Denplan Essentials gives you routine preventive care which includes:

About us About us

Our practice provides caring, preventive dentistry for everyone in your family, helping everyone to keep their mouth healthy.

Thank you so much for your compassion and care following my accident.